Smart New Ways to Use Chalk

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I’ll be bold here and say- without knowing for a fact- that a box of chalk is probably one of the cheapest things you can buy. All of us parents know the great value in a box of sidewalk chalk- a small price to pay and it keeps the kids busy for hours! And am I dating myself by saying a few sticks of chalk and a blackboard go a long way in a great game of “school?” In any case, chalk is one of those things that are cheap to buy, but valuable because of all the wonderful things you can do with it! Bet you didn’t know that! Sure, you can write with chalk, but here are some other ways to use it:

1.Keep your closet fresh:

Chalk absorbs moisture really well, so keeping some in your closet will help prevent mildew.

2. Prevent rust:

For the same reason, keep a stick of chalk in your toolbox to prevent rusting.

3. Remove grease stains:

Rub on clothing, let it sit 10 minutes, and wash. I would stick to only white chalk for this.

4. Cleaning ring around the collar:

Follow the same instructions as above. White chalk here, too.

5. Repel ants:

Draw a line that the ants won’t cross.

6. Deodorize the hamper:

Place a piece of chalk in the bottom of the hamper to absorb odors. Replace it once a month.

7. Prevent silver from tarnishing:

Keep a piece where you store your silver.

8. Prevent screw from slipping:

Rub chalk on the head of a flat head screwdriver.

9. Fix a sticky lock:

Rub chalk on the key and stick it in and out of the lock a few times.

Pretty cool, huh? Now go and splurge on that chalk!

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