9 New Ways To Use Olive Oil

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You know that olive oil is good for you because of its healthy fats, anti-inflammatory properties, and other health benefits. Not to mention that nothing else will do your pasta justice. So chances are, olive oil is a staple in your house. Well, get it out, because there are a whole lot of other ways to use it besides eating!

  1. Shave legs: Use olive oil for the smoothest shave you’ve ever had. You’ll love how soft you’re legs feel, too,
  2. Remove eye makeup: Rub gently with a cotton ball, rinse it off, and wash your face.
  3. Hair conditioner: Warm up 1/2 cup of olive oil, (do not boil) and apply to your hair. Sit for about 10 minutes and shampoo.
  4. Lip scrub: Mix some sugar and olive oil. Apply to your lips to moisturize and exfoliate.
  5. Cuticle softener: Rob olive oil onto your cuticles before bed, and while you cook.
  6. Diaper rash: Rub on baby’s bottom for a natural diaper rash treatment.
  7. Remove gum or paint from hair: Rub it in and the gum or paint will come off easily.
  8. Fix a squeaky hinge: Easy, fast fix!
  9. Measure honey: You know how it’s impossible to get honey out of a measuring cup? Not anymore! Just coat the cup with some olive oil and the honey will slip out.

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