10 Things To Buy In October

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The thrill of a good deal is too hard to resist! As a budget conscious consumer, I make it a point to know when is the best time of year for every possible bargain. And because I like to share good information, here’s a list of the best things to save on during the month of October:

1. Cars:

New year models come out soon, so dealers need to make room for current year models, which means nice savings for you. Also know that lots of car sales agents have weekly or monthly sales goals they need to meet, and might be more ready to offer you an extra good deal towards the end of the week or month.

2. Travel:

October is a typically slow month for travel- after the summer and before the winter holidays- so you’ll find some great prices on airfare, hotels, and entrance fees. If you’ve always wanted to take that European vacation, now’s the time for really nice savings!

3. Plants:

Take advantage of end of season sales.

4. Costumes:

You’ll see promotions for costumes all month, but keep in mind that prices will drop as it gets closer to Halloween.

5. Camping gear:

Buy now on sale and save it for when the weather gets warmer.

6. Jeans:

Extra stock from the back to school rush will be on sale this month.

7. Pizza:

October is National Pizza Month, which means specials and promos from your favorite pizza places!

8. Cookware:

Cookware and small kitchen gadgets go on sale in October as people get ready for holiday entertaining.

9. Toys and games:

You’ll find markdowns on current stock of toys and games and stores make room for new Christmas items.

10. Columbus Day sales:

You’ll find sales and coupons across the board for Columbus Day. Watch your email and local papers.

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