Oh, Baby! 9 Other Ways To Use Diaper Rash Cream

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Diaper rash cream… Turns out it’s one of those products that can help you in lots of situations, aside from the obvious one. Any parent already knows the value of a good diaper rash cream on a baby’s bottom, but I bet you never tried it to fix other issues. Here are some other ways to use it. It might just blow your mind!

  1. Get rid of a pimple: Dab a little cream on a zit and get rid of it fast.
  2. Eczema: Use diaper rash cream on eczema and other rashes for quick relief.
  3. Chapped lips: Do your lips get really chapped and cracked in the winter? Apply a thin coat of diaper cream to get them soft in no time.
  4. Razor burn: Get relief from the discomfort of razor burn- especially in sensitive areas.
  5. Scratches: A little cream on a scratch relieves pain and speeds up healing.
  6. Sunburn: Diaper rash cream eases the pain of sunburn, and in a pinch, you can use a cream with zinc oxide if you’re stuck without sunblock on a sunny day.
  7. Cracked heels. Apply a thick layer, cover with socks, and leave it overnight.
  8. Prevent and soothe chafing: The cream creates a barrier that will prevent irritation from your skin rubbing against itself.
  9. Hemorrhoids: Makes sense, I guess.

Crazy stuff, right? And now we know about another product that we can use in many ways. I love that!

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