How to Save for Your Next Getaway!

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We may think saving for our next travel adventure requires huge, dramatic changes in our spending habits to make progress. Actually, making small changes in our habits can really reap more rewards towards our financial goals!

Oftentimes, plans to see the world get stalled by monthly expenses – so we completely neglect our travel desires. However, there are multiple ways to save money and jump into your adventure starting today! Keep reading for some ideas…

Take advantage of flash sales!

Do yourself a favor and follow travel groups on Facebook like Girls Love Travel. Here you’ll find other experienced budget-conscious travellers who post flash sales on the daily. JetBlue just had a flash sale of one-way tickets being priced at $19 – nothing beats that! If you’re spontaneous and really just want to explore a new corner of the globe, make sure to keep up with these fantastic snags.

Pay travel tickets in installments

Now you can buy flights for a deposit upfront and pay off the rest in an easy, flexible payment plan prior to your departure date! Don’t believe me? Check out Airfordable. For those who don’t want to purchase a large sum of tickets upfront, this gives you the ease and comfort of paying on your time.

Eat at home

When you’re saving up for travel, consider saving up on dining expenses. I know – dining out is for the ambience, the experience. But instead, you can opt for fresh ingredients in at-home dinners. Consider hosting a home-cooked dinner night for your friends and bring the experience to your place.

Limit alcohol or drink at home

Another huge splurge for weekenders is alcohol consumption. If you’re someone that loves social gatherings out at a bar, consider sipping at home with a group of friends.


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