How to Keep Makeup Flawless for Summer

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I know what you’re thinking. How in the world am I going to keep my makeup from melting away in this heat? The humidity is definitely bound to swipe all of your hard work away if not taken care of properly. Especially for commuters, travelers and women who simply want to be out in nature, it’s hard to even consider wearing makeup on a day when the sun is ready to toast us up!

That’s why we’ve come up with beauty hacks to keep your skin looking flawless and prevent your makeup from dripping away before nighttime. Keep reading!

Foundation primers

Before applying your foundation or concealer, reach for a primer to smooth your face onto one smooth canvas. That way there’s no room for wrinkling or creases, and it’ll keep your foundation and concealer looking smoother than ever. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is one of the best to work with in humid climates.

Baking with translucent powder

One of my must-haves for makeup prepping is most certainly the baking process. After adding all foundation and concealing, “bake” your face with a translucent loose powder and leave it caked on for about 15 minutes while you finish your look. Sure, you’ll look like you smacked baking flour across your face but when you’re finished and wipe away all the excess powder, you’ll notice how beautifully smooth and flawless your makeup sits on your face.

Oil-blotting sheets

Always keep a packet of oil-blotting sheets handy in your purse or bag when you head out! These are one of the best items to have on hand for whenever your face starts to get a bit oily. Even if it’s not too oily but you notice a bit of a glisten forming on your face, grab a sheet and dab lightly on the spot. Your makeup will stay in place and your skin will be oil-free.

Setting spray

While your face is primed for makeup, you still want to make sure to set your face with a long-lasting finishing spray that’s made for your skin type. This will keep your face feeling fresh and leave your makeup looking clean and crisp. Try Urban Decay’s Long-Lasting Setting Spray – it’s known to keep makeup on point for 16 hours!

What are your favorite summer-proofing makeup methods? Share your tricks below!


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