Get It Done! How To Stop Procrastinating

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Ugh! There’s a pile of bills on your desk, a ton of errands to do, and lots of projects that need tackling! It’s so overwhelming you want to just run away from it all! That’s the beauty of procrastinating- you don’t have to do anything at all. The problem is that procrastinating won’t make those things go away and not doing them won’t really make you feel better, either. Thinking about all that has to get done is a huge source of stress, so why not just buckle down and do it? Here are some tips to help you stop procrastinating:

  • Make a to-do list: Keeping a list in your head is not efficient and may even cause you more anxiety. Write it down so you see exactly what you have to do.
  • Do the hardest first: Tackle the hardest item on your list and get it over with. You’ll feel really good when you get to mark it as “done.”
  • Make a schedule: Sometimes structure and organization help get the job done. It’s also a little easier if you know there is a time allotted for each task.
  • Take breaks: Knowing you can have a little break makes it easier to get started and makes you more efficient at getting the job done.
  • Break things down into smaller tasks: Smaller tasks are more manageable.
  • Do short things right away: Makes sense, right?
  • Remove distractions: Turn off your phone, go into a room alone, or anything else that will help you focus on what you need to do.
  • Give yourself treats: Promise yourself little treats for finishing up. A little incentive never hurt anyone!
  • Tell someone else: Ask someone to keep tabs on you to make sure you stay on track.
  • Focus on the goal: Don’t let yourself be discouraged by a hard or unpleasant job- focus on the end result.
  • Do one thing at a time: If it’s possible, devote all your attention to one task before moving on to another. Multitasking doesn’t really work all that well sometimes.
  • Don’t wait for the perfect time: I can’t tell you how often I’ve fallen into that trap! There will never be a “perfect” time- just get started and things will happen.

The longer you wait, the harder it gets, so just jump in and go! You’ll feel better and you’ll love the results!

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