Forget Bath Bombs — Try Shower Jellies from Lush!

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If you’re a lover of bath bombs from Lush, you’ll crave their versatile shower jellies even more. While they launched more than 10 years ago, shower jellies recently caught the eyes of everyone on Instagram when a video of the dancing jellies went viral.

For someone like myself who’s more of a shower gal, these shower jellies create a divinely fun and soothing shower experience. Imagine washing yourself with a jiggly, sparkling, cleansing piece of Jell-O. So much joy in one shower experience! Just try not to take a bite of your shower jellies, okay?

With a seaweed gel base, this product leaves your skin brightly cleansed and nourishes your entire body. Blended with essential oils, fruity extracts, sugars, vitamin-rich juices and organic coconut milk, this jelly leaves your skin smelling delicious and feeling vibrantly soft.

I love Lush not just for their fresh handmade cosmetics and skincare products – but also because they’re 100% vegan, made with raw and organic ingredients for all you health-conscious folks. These jellies are going to leave your body and skin crazy soft!

Shower jellies are mega-versatile. You can pop them in the freezer and try using them chilled for a refreshing shower – whatever your preference. Lather it in your hair to add shine and softness. Because of its wobbly texture, you may want to chop up pieces of the vegan-friendly jelly to use while showering. Otherwise they can slip right out of your hands, like it did for me every 50th chance I got a grip of it!

Head over to your nearest Lush store to see their colorful collection of jellies and snag yourself one with the best aromas. These jellies are crazy fun and will have you jumping in the shower as soon as you get home!


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