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We all know how important it is to exercise, but we also know how hard it is to make exercise part of your regular routine. It’s hard to find the time, and if we’re being honest, let’s admit that it’s also easier to be lazy. Yes, I see you rolling your eyes, preparing to click away from this post, but stick around- I’m not here to preach about the importance of exercise. No, I am posting here to let you know about some great free resources that will make it easier to stay in shape.

Having fitness freebies at your fingertips makes it hard to justify an excuse, so download some of these free apps and you’ll always be ready:

  • With the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout app you can squeeze a lot into a short time. Choose your workout type, intensity, and fitness level for a customized workout routine.
  • Runtastic Six Pack has male and female avatars to guide you through the moves that will get you lean and fit. Go through the 10-week workout and sculpt your abs in time for for bikini season!
  • If you like the support of a community, you’ll like Fitocracy, where you score points for doing your exercises. Your activity is displayed in a social media stream which means you’re progress is viewed by fellow Fitocrats who can comment and offer encouragement.

Believe it or not, Instagram is a great place to find free workouts. Here are a few to follow:

  • @15×15 for a quick, total body, high-intensity, interval training workout. Watch the moves and then learn them. You’ll only need a few minutes a day to be on your way to a fitter, more toned body.
  • @davidkirsch shows you how to get a great workout with little or no equipment. He’ll go through the proper way to do lunges, squats, and planks so you get the most from your workout.
  • Follow @shaunaharrison for instructions on yoga moves that benefit your body and your mind.

Exercise is a key component to fitness and good health, but don’t forget that it’s also important to eat well. And you’re in luck- there are apps to help you with that too:

  • Keep track of the calories you eat each day with My Fitness Pal. Record your daily exercise with this app, too.
  • Enjoy a meal out without sabotaging your diet. Use your Healthy Out app to find healthy restaurant dishes in over 500 cities.
  • It’s important to keep it interesting when you’re trying to eat right. Whole Foods Recipes is full of innovative recipes to inspire you, as well as shopping lists, meal planners, and a cool feature called “on hand” that gives you recipe suggestions based on ingredients you have on hand.

The motivation to be fit has to come from you, but once you set your mind to it, there’s a lot of help you can get, and you don’t even have to spend a penny on expensive gyms, trainers, or nutritionists!



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