5 Clever Ways to Hack an Ice Cube Tray

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I love the idea of repurposing old household items. It makes life easier, especially if you’re constantly on the go. I’m always on the hunt for new genius life hacks. I just came across these wonderful ideas on how to hack an ice cube tray!

Freezing Flower Ice Cubes

Whether it’s for a dinner you’re hosting or a wedding reception, freezing old flowers in your tray will add a chic bohemian vibe to your next party. Add your floral cubes in a bucket to keep your wine cool or serve your guests a surprise bloom in their drink. For anyone that adores flowers, this is the perfect unique touch to add to your party decor.

Preserving Spices or Leftover Pesto Sauce

I love to cook fast but delicious meals. So when I prep, I like to have everything efficiently ready for when I’m preparing dinner for the family. Cutting up fresh ingredients takes time – of course. You can save time by freezing up all your herbs and oils in the tray. Then just pop a cube in your pot whenever you’re in a rush. This works perfectly for pesto sauces as well, and makes cooking so much faster!

Iced Coffee

Especially for days like today, iced coffee is a must. If you can’t get to Starbucks for a grande iced macchiato, you may have to resort to an at-home cold joe. Sometimes, this tastes so watered down that you may feel like you’re just sipping brown water. But here’s a trick for delicious iced java: freeze half of your cube tray with already-brewed coffee of your choice and the other half with the milk or cream of your choice. When it’s time to whip up a cup of coffee, simply add a few cubes to your coffee and viola! Your mega-cup of frozen joe is good to go, even when the ice starts melting away!

Leftover Wine

Now if you’re like me, you probably leave a little leftover wine in your wake. Instead of tossing it away, you can freeze it and use it later for when you’re cooking or preparing a yummy dish that requires some vino. Try it with your favorite marinated steak dinner for a juicy twist!

Cookie Dough Mix

You ever get late night cravings for a warm, freshly baked cookie? Yeah, me too. Mix your favorite cookie recipe together and whip it into an ice cube tray for future cravings. Simply pop a cookie dough cube into the oven and you’ve got yourself a perfectly round treat with no fuss or muss!


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