11 Clever Ways To Use Baby Powder

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Multi-tasking products make me excited! For one thing, I can save money by buying one product and having it do lots of things for me. For another, it’s just cool to learn of new ways to use something you thought had a specific purpose! If you’ve ever been in charge of diapering a baby you already know how great baby powder works at preventing diaper rash, right? So it’s not that crazy to know that it’s fabulous for other things, as well. And baby powder is cheap, too! If there are no babies at your house you don’t have to feel left out- go out and buy some so you can use it in these new, clever ways, too!

1. Remove sand at the beach:

Toss a small bottle of baby powder into your beach bag and you’ll be so happy when it’s time to go home! Just sprinkle on some powder and easily brush the sand off your skin.

2. Dry shampoo:

There are some great dry shampoos out there for when you want to squeeze an extra day out of your blow-out or you’re too tired to wash your hair. But baby powder costs less and chances are you already have it at home. Sprinkle some on your hair close to your scalp and comb it out to absorb grease and odor.

3. Dog shampoo:

Rub powder on your dog for a quick freshening up.

4. Unstick new cards:

Are your new cards sticking together? Put them in a bag and shake them up with some baby powder to get them to separate from each other smoothly.

5. Deodorize your shoes:

Pour powder in your shoes and leave it there overnight. Spill it out in the morning for fresh smelling shoes.

6. Freshen your closet:

Leave a dish with powder in your closet for a clean, fresh smell.

7. Freshen carpets:

Sprinkle powder over the carpet, let it sit for 15 minutes, and vacuum.

8. Prevent chafing:

Put some powder between your thighs before running or on a hot day to prevent chafing.

9. Get fuller looking lashes:

Dust powder on your eyelashes before applying mascara for fullness.

10. Repel ants:

For some reason ants don’t like baby powder. Sprinkle a line of powder around your picnic blanket, around windows, or anywhere else ants are a problem and they won’t cross that line.

11. Set your makeup:

After applying your makeup dust your face with a fine layer of powder and your makeup will look great for hours.

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