10 Ways to Redecorate on a Budget

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Sometimes you just need a change, you know? A change of scenery is nice, but a vacation or a real move isn’t always possible, whether due to schedules or budget. You can change up your decor from time to time to keep things interesting, thought. Too expensive, you say? Not at all! There are ways to give a room an update without putting a dent in your wallet, and you can even get it going before the holidays if you get to work right away. Get a head start and save $25 with this coupon from IKEA, which you can use up until 12/24/17. Then check out these tips on redecorating on a budget!

1. Rearrange the room:

Updating your decor can be as easy as moving around the furniture! Maybe your couch looks better against another wall, or your bedroom would get more sunlight if you moved your bed. Plan it out before you start and then enjoy your “new” room.

2. Get some pillows:

If a new sofa or a set of bedding are not in the budget, spring for a few throw pillows to spruce things up. You can find them in any price range and they can really make a difference Mix up some colors and shapes and watch the room change!

3. Area rugs:

Area rugs are cheaper than installing wall to wall carpeting or refinishing your floors, and they can add color, texture, and dimension to a room. You can even place area rugs over regular carpeting for a temporary change-up.

4. Get rid of clutter:

Somehow, stuff just seems to accumulate, doesn’t it? Go around the room and weed through the clutter. If you really need to keep some of it around, get decorative storage, like attractive baskets, shelves, or boxes, to keep things looking neat.

5. Add wall art:

Wall art adds a lot to a room but it doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can buy paintings and prints at discount stores and websites, or even create your own! Google or look at Pinterest for great DIY ideas and instructions.

6. Throw blankets:

A throw blanket on a bed or couch adds color and interest to a bedroom, living room, or den. It can also set the mood for the room, depending on whether you go for comfortable, sophisticated, or somewhere in between. Can’t afford a new sofa? Cover it up with a new throw!

7. Swap with a friend:

Here’s a way to make a change without spending a dime, and your friend gets a new look, too!

8. Reupholster:

Give your furniture a new look with some new fabric. It’s cheaper than buying new pieces, and you can save even more by doing it yourself.

9. Paint:

Painting is a big job, but it’s a relatively inexpensive way to refresh a room. Or make it easier and paint just an accent wall or some trimming.

10. Plants:

Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to give life to a room. Get some houseplants, or just bring some branches from outside and place in a pretty vase. A bouquet of fresh flowers every week is also a small investment that goes a long way in adding life and color to your decor.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? None of these ideas are expensive or hard, but they make such a difference when you’re looking for a change. Try it and let your surroundings make you happy!

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