10 Tips For Taking A Great Selfie

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I’ll admit, selfies aren’t my thing, but every once in a while there is a need to take a selfie. And when that does happen, I always wish I hadn’t done it because I always look so terrible. Body image issues aside, I know I’m not that ugly IRL, and since my phone is kind of new I can’t blame it on the camera. So I chalk it up to my selfie technique. And fortunately, technique can always be learned and perfected! And since I can’t possibly be the only one whose selfie game needs some help, here are the tips I’ve learned for taking great selfies:

1. Use natural lighting:

There’s nothing like natural light to give you the best glow. If you’re indoors, stand by a window.

2. Avoid shadows:

Stand (or sit) with the light behind to to avoid shadows and squinting.

3. Neutralize flash:

There will be times when you have to use the flash on your camera. Hold a white paper under your face to neutralize the harshness.

4. Give a real smile:

You’ll look your best when your smile doesn’t look forced or posed.

5. Relax your mouth:

You don’t want to look tense.

6. Use the right angles:

Tip your chin down and turn slightly for the best angle.

7. Position the camera:

Hold the camera high, aiming down at you.

8. Take a lot of them:

It’s true: those perfect selfies you see all over Instagram? Those were selected from a slew of selfies. Click away and choose the best ones.

9. Edit:

There’s nothing wrong with a little touching up. Use editing apps and filters to perfect your pics.

10. Don’t try too hard:

Like with so many other things, you get the best results when you’re not trying too hard. Just act natural for the best shots.

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