10 Reasons You Need A Hobby

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Talk about hobbies and you risk sounding like you’re from another lifetime. Hobbies- how quaint! I mean, it sounds like a nice idea, but who has the time? And does anyone really use the word “hobby” these days? Well, if we don’t, we should start! And we should also make it a point to find some hobbies and spend some time on them! Hobbies are good for us in so many ways; here are some of the reasons you need a hobby:

1. It builds confidence: If you enjoy something, chances are you’ll do well at it, so having a hobby you love is a way to be good at something. I can’t think of anything that’s better for self-confidence than mastering a skill, or displaying a great talent.

2. It’s active leisure: I love that term! Sure, we all need some downtime. Everyone is entitled to some mindless time on the couch, watching TV or just spacing out. Trust me- I’m not knocking it! But when we take time off from our regular routine, and are still engaged in an activity, it’s even better for our minds and our bodies.

3. It’s social: It’s well known by now that we are social beings, and that some social activity is important to our general well-being. Some hobbies are actually social, meaning you need other people to do them. And others might be solitary, but having an interest in something opens you up to a whole community of like-minded people.

4. It makes you interesting: It does! You’ll always have something to talk about at a party.

5. It reduces stress: Your hobby takes you away from the grind, and because you’re still active in another way, your mind will be distracted from the issues and problems that can stress you out.

6. It gives you pleasure: Pleasure is important, and it’s up to us to find it for ourselves. A hobby that you enjoy makes you feel good.

7. You’ll learn new things: When you have a hobby you’re always learning new things, and that’s important for growth and for keeping your mind sharp. And taking on a new hobby will teach you new things about yourself, too. You might find you enjoy things that you never thought to try.

8. It’s a way to practice mindfulness: Yes, I mentioned mindfulness. But it’s really good for keeping you grounded and present in the moment, and that’s exactly what a hobby can do for you.

9. It promotes creativity: Getting out of your regular routine opens your mind to thinking in new ways. You’ll get better at problem solving and you’ll approach situations differently.

10. It’s relaxing: Not only is a hobby a break from the grind, but it’s something you choose because you enjoy it. And there’s no pressure, no deadlines. Naturally, that’s relaxing.

Did I convince you yet? Try something you’ve always been a little interested in and see where it takes you! Or make the time to spend on a hobby you really enjoy. Cooking, knitting, hiking, writing, painting- these are just a few. Do what speaks to you!

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