10 Best Buys For June

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I’ve always loved the month of June; there is- in fact- a lot to love about this month! As a summer person, I wait for June weather all winter. For kids, there’s nothing like the freedom of long summer days without school. No school is a little more challenging when you’re a mom, but you still can’t beat no homework! And as someone who loves to save money, I’m excited about all the great deals that come around in June. Here’s what you can save on this month:

  1. Sunscreen: Because of all the warm, sunny weather and this season’s outdoor activities, sunscreen is a must these days, and it’s often on sale, so stock up and stay safe in the sun.
  2. Gym membership: June is as long way from January and lots of people have let their gym attendance falter. Other people prefer to exercise outdoors or just leave the gym for other reasons. This means possible good deals for you and no lines for the treadmill! Try negotiating for even better savings.
  3. Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret holds their big sale in June so be sure to check that out. Other retailers don’t want to be left out and have pretty good lingerie sales this month, too.
  4. Cruises: June is the official start of hurricane season, so you can find discounts on cruises. Hurricanes don’t go on the whole time so there’s always a chance you’ll get nice weather. Some cruises lines reroute if bad weather is expected, which is another way to avoid hurricanes. And check out cancellation policies before you book, just in case.
  5. Laptops: Get a jump of early fall deals on laptops.
  6. Gardening supplies: Most people are already done with spring planting and stores want to get rid of extra gardening supplies.
  7. Dishes and flatware: Wedding season is a good time to find good deals on dining needs.
  8. Power tools: Father’s Day sales!
  9. Dairy: June is National Dairy Month, which means lots of promos. so keep an eye out for coupons and sales. And remember that ice cream is dairy!
  10. Movie tickets: You’ll find deals for kid’s movies this month.

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